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While the study of computer games in general is slowly becoming accepted in the academic world, the scientific investigation of esports is still in its infancy. This state of affairs enables us to work with our partners to establish leadership in esports performance focused research and commercialisation by leveraging our unique set of assets: a highly experienced team; a proven esports platform; access to active esports teams; extensive connections in the esports industry; and Skoltech’s considerable scientific research capacity. We thus aim to become the de-facto standard for esports performance assessment and improvement.

The current approach for assessing athletes in esports is based purely on various statistics related to in-game achievements. The various esports disciplines (games) themselves have an internal mechanism which assigns each player with such a rank (usually referred to as ‘MMR’ – MatchMaking Rating), which is used by the game to match players with team members and opponents of a similar skill level.

This approach might be sufficient for each individual game’s needs but it does not address the needs of players, teams, and coaches, when they attempt to: assess a player’s abilities; pinpoint the causes for success or failure; create an optimal training routine; scout emerging talent; judge a player’s fit within a team; and more.

We aim to address the lack of a scientific and holistic method of assessing an esports athlete’s profile (skills, health, wellbeing, team-fit, current performance, etc) and are happy to cooperate with any academic institutes and commercial entities with similar goals.

Esports Academy SENSEI is a suite of tools that help team coaches and players on their way to the top of the pro scene:

  • A scientific analysis of an esports athlete’s body’s response to training and how it is adapting to physical and emotional stress. This makes it possible to create, track, and personalise a training regimen to ensure that esports athletes perform at their best and achieve peak performance at specific times.
  • A holistic analysis of how any given training regimen affects a player’s actual performance individually and as part of a team, and which changes to the player’s training are required.
  • An automated recommendation engine for an esports athlete’s training regimen (areas of improvement, training schedule, specific exercises, etc).
  • A method to identify key, in-game events that bring about a change in an athlete’s (or team’s) tactics or performance. These are the variables that most affect the players’ gameplay and their performance, either beneficial or disadvantageous.

Esports Academy CHOSEN provides team coaches, managers, and owners a way to properly assess the potential of any given player (or team) at a professional level. Beyond assessing the player’s raw sill and potential, CHOSEN also assists in determining whether any given player will be a good match for an existing esports team not only in terms of in-game skills, but also with regards to player personalities, in-game leadership, and team cohesion.